Shortly after the war, but before demobilization, I was...

Shortly after the war, but before demobilization, I was talking one evening with a friend, who, when I was leaving, handed me the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy. I tried to read the book, but could not. Later I tried again to read Science and Health; but with no more success than previously.

The Christmas of that year saw me on leave; and on my way home I met one of my sisters. We boarded a train together, and she quite naturally recounted how she and a younger sister had "found" Christian Science, and all that it promised. Soon afterwards I commenced taking a real interest in reading Science and Health. A little while later my first healing took place. For some time before the war I had suffered from violent attacks of indigestion and sickness, which during the war seemed to vanish. At about this time, however, I was becoming fearfully conscious that those attacks had returned with all their prewar violence. The day that my Christmas leave terminated found me very ill, but I managed to get back to duty, only to experience the same distress two days later. A recurrence such as this, in so short a time, I had never known before; and I mentally questioned the ability of Christian Science. I continued, however, to read its textbook, forgetting all about that illness; and some months later I looked back with gratitude to the fact that I was healed, and by Christian Science. Even after this healing I did not take a very intelligent interest in Christian Science until I came out to the Argentine, when, after a period of very severe chemicalization, I found my way "home." Now I am a different man; for "in place of darkness, light hath sprung up," as Mrs. Eddy tells us in "The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany" (p. 199). My mentality is being steadily purged, so that selfishness is giving way to honesty, sincerity, and kindly affection, while Christian Science has enabled me to realize that even the finest qualities are within reach.

Testimony of Healing
We have had so many wonderful proofs of God's love...
September 8, 1923

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