Above the Mists

It is both interesting and encouraging to remember, on reviewing past experiences, what a great deal there is for which to be grateful, and how the difficulties and problems which have from time to time faced us since coming to Christian Science, far from hindering our progress, have made us turn our gaze more steadfastly to God and His idea.

In human experience, no one is exempt from the varied temptations of false belief; and though one may gaze upon the heights of revelation, and in joy and exaltation view the harmony, peace, and rest which result from the study of Christian Science, yet, often it may be, the way leads through the valleys, where the vision of the mountain top seems distant and well-nigh inaccessible. But remembering the wide, extensive vista which Christian Science reveals, one goes on with a song in his heart, undismayed by the difficulties and obstructions which falsity attempts to say are insurmountable. Soon, he finds the valley is beginning to "bud and blossom as the rose," as our Leader says on page 596 of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," and that this experience is taking him, step by step, to higher realms, purer atmospheres, and greater joys. With steadfast, unfaltering persistence, the student of Christian Science learns to keep his gaze fixed on the true or real, and is not confused or deceived by the mists around him. Then, when these disperse, he sees the mountain peaks close by, and realizes that in the darkness he had been climbing towards them.

Order and Punctuality
September 8, 1923

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