Christian Science is not negative

Evening Times

Christian Science is not negative. It is the Science or knowledge of spiritual Truth; and its method of healing rests entirely upon that basis. Thus Jesus said, "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." Suggestion, it is seen when properly analyzed, resolves itself into an attempt to believe that which may or may not be true. It evidences a lack of understanding. Who, for instance, would keep on repeating that two and two make four, or any other proposition, after it is understood to be true? Thus it is seen that even correct repetition becomes superfluous when the understanding of any proposition is reached. And this is true as to sickness. There is therefore no suggestion of any kind used in the healing method of Christian Science; for truth is neither taught nor applied by suggestion, but by understanding. For this reason the use of formulas is strictly forbidden in Christian Science practice.

In the practice of Christian Science cognizance is taken of human ills, even those that may seem trifling; and they are overcome by correcting the erroneous beliefs in which they originate. Truth, not suggestion, is the remedy used by Christian Scientists in every case; and this differentiates Christian Science from any other form of healing.

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