It is true that Christian Scientists have not succeeded in...

Evening Times

It is true that Christian Scientists have not succeeded in the final abolition of the last enemy, and they do not claim to have done so; but there are hundreds of thousands who regard Christian Science practice as Christian and scientific; and to-day courts justify its use to those who desire it.

An effort to denounce Christian Science practice is an effort to abolish the Scriptural injunction to heal the sick,—an injunction which is part and parcel of the divine method of healing sin. "These signs shall follow them that believe," reads the Scripture. There can be no grander or holier effort than to strive to emulate the Master in all his ways; and as members of one great brotherhood we should uphold each other in our efforts to overcome evil with good; and if, on the way, we at times but partially succeed, or even seem to fail, we know that in the proportion that we live the Christ, Truth, instead of talking about creeds and dogmas, we shall destroy sin, heal sickness, and finally overcome death. The Bible is our authority; and Christian Science is the teaching and practice of Christ Jesus made plain to men in our day. Dr. William S. Sadler, at a Chautauqua at Bay View, Michigan, once said: "I am a physician, so you can't try me for heresy. The time is coming when Love will guide us away from the tortures of feeling. The Christian religion, if universally lived, would banish all illness and disaster. It is the only religion that is psychologically sound."

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