Signs of the Times

[Rev. M. F. McCutcheon, in the Mail and Empire, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, May 12, 1923]

If the world were to be saved, three main things had to be achieved. The present economic order, which had competition for its basis, had to be changed, and altruistic service must take the place of service for personal gain; a Christian democracy had to be set up, political life at present being divorced from Christianity, and an international Christian order had to be instituted. ... The house that people were called on to build to-day was the house of the kingdom of God, a social order permeated with the spirit of love, dominated by the law of service, and recognizing the inherent fact of common brotherhood. Men had been building houses for themselves, instead of for God, but they were coming to realize that Jesus was a true statesman, leading to a world of justice, brotherhood, peace, and harmony. ... It is time for business men to acknowledge the same obligations as scientists and other benefactors of humanity and render service for the sake of service. ... In conclusion, the preacher said that people had become so obsessed with the pagan pursuit of the dollar that they had lost the vision of both God and Mammon. It was the task of Christians to rebuild the structure on the basis of brotherhood and cooperation, and not on material gain. He [the Rev. McCutcheon] exhorted the members of the graduating class to go about that task, not in the weak spirit of Hamlet, when the times were out of joint, but with courage in their mission, soberly and not as iconoclasts.

September 8, 1923

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