By accepting the great fact of God's allness, all that is...


By accepting the great fact of God's allness, all that is unlike Him can be proved to be nonexistent; and many today are healing the sick and sinning on this basis. Persistently contending for the reality of evil will not make evil real, nor give it the reality of true substance, except seemingly, to those who hold to that position. It is as if one sat in a dark room bemoaning the darkness and arguing for its reality, while trying to find out where it comes from. Whereas, by letting in the light he can prove that darkness has no entity, comes from nowhere, and goes nowhere. Christ Jesus said that men loved darkness rather than light; and he gave the reason why. He also gave the answer to the contention that if there is a lie there must be a liar, when he said that devil (or evil) "is a liar, and the father of it." There is but one rebuke to evil, and that is the rebuke of Truth to error, "Thou shalt surely die;" and the nature of this rebuke is precisely the same as the rebuke of light to darkness, when it proves it to be nonexistent.

September 8, 1923

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