Little Teachers

"And a little child shall lead them," Isaiah tells us. When our thought is receptive, how many lessons the children teach us! On page 9 of "Pulpit and Press" Mrs. Eddy says, "Ah, children, you are the bulwarks of freedom, the cement of society, the hope of our race!" Not only after the present generation of children have grown to be men and women will their helpfulness as here propheside be seen, but even through their childhood they are teaching valuable and beautiful lessons it would be well to learn.

Two incidents come to my thought. The first occurred several years ago, while I was living in a town in a middle western state where it is customary in the summer for families to spend their evenings on the porch or lawn, with neighbors and friends dropping in. In one such friendly group was a little girl about three years old, who, in her childlike desire to please, was accustomed to pick flowers—"Boks," she called them. Sometimes it would be only a wisp of grass or a potato blossom from the vegetable garden. These, with a loving smile, she would give to each one present. One member of the party had, for some unexplained and unexplainable reason, taken a violent dislike to this pretty child; and when in her innocence she offered him a little flower, he, in extreme rudeness, refused to look at it or at her. But did the little girl feel hurt or abused or misused? Not at all. She just sweetly and lovingly continued to offer him her little gifts, utterly regardless of his seeming unkindness. To me this was a wonderful lesson in knowing no evil. I saw more clearly than ever before why Jesus so loved the little children, and that to a consciousness filled with good, evil is unknown. Evil is nothing—having neither place, presence, nor power. Although it may seem to be a long and rough road to a consciousness of good that knows no evil, this is the spiritual goal to which we all must attain.

January 20, 1923

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