When I was about two years old, one of my eyes showed...

When I was about two years old, one of my eyes showed a tendency to turn in. As I was too young to have my eyes tested for any definite permanent correction, my mother waited until I had reached the age of five, when she took me to an oculist who examined my eyes and fitted me with glasses. These, he said, I would undoubtedly have to wear all my life, on account of the nature of the particular trouble.

From that time, for eighteen years I was a complete slave to the constant use of those glasses. I never took them off until I was in bed at night; and I always put them on before I was out of bed in the morning. I could not take them off even for a moment, because of the apparent extreme weakness and double vision which made every object appear as two. As time went on, I would have my eyes examined, and each time I would be obliged to change to stronger lenses. In July, 1912, because of an unusual sense of eyestrain, I decided to go to a different oculist to see if he would agree with my own optician as to my requirements. After a thorough investigation, he told me that the glasses I was then weating were perfectly correct, and that he could not suggest any change.

Testimony of Healing
I am sending my testimony in the hope that it will benefit...
July 29, 1922

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