"Remember Lot's wife"

In referring to the human tendency to "look back," Jesus' saying, "Remember Lot's wife," is very frequently quoted. In talking to the average person it is borne in upon one how much of his or her time and attention is claimed by the past. There are those who never fail to say sadly that they have seen better days, and who can see no good in to-day; there are others who never tire of dwelling on past sufferings, past mistakes and misfortunes of their own and other people. They tell endless stories of long past trifling resentments and regrets. Time spent in such thoughts is worse than wasted, because it robs those who so indulge themselves of their present opportunities of enjoying health, happiness, and success. The continual contemplation of a personal past paralyzes present activity, bringing with it a sense of discontent and latent fear for the future. Good is spiritual; good knows no time limit, but abides forever. Evil is material and temporal. The grateful heart does not look on good as ever being really past; but, rather, regards all it ever had or knew of good as a perpetual blessing for the present day and hour.

Whatever his circumstances may be, any one who begins to feel an interest in the subject of Christian Science finds that there is a good deal of adjustment going on in his thinking. False beliefs are being shaken; true beliefs are being confirmed into understanding; and new ideas are insisting on receiving attention. With many people, however, the entrance into Christian Science only comes as they flee from some overwhelming catastrophe which engulfs most of what they have hitherto trusted in, most of what they have been accustomed to, and a large part of their supposed possessions. Accepted theories and practices fail; and every familiar thing seems to be doomed to destruction. Such an experience is recorded in the Bible in the story of Lot's escape from Sodom.

Without Prejudice
July 29, 1922

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