During many years' experience I have had irrefutable...

During many years' experience I have had irrefutable proofs of the truth of Christian Science. My original healing was from chronic throat trouble, from which I had suffered since infancy, and which limited the use of my voice to such an extent that I greatly feared I should have to abandon my profession, that of singing and of teaching voice culture. Having resorted to every phase of medical treatment, in desperation I turned to Christian Science. The spiritual awakening which followed brought not only the physical healing but a spiritual realization of what is meant by the voice of Truth, which meant joy unspeakable, as it determined all my subsequent career. I applied for membership in The Mother Church, and became a serious student of Science. A few years later, it was my privilege to receive class instruction.

Later, an organic condition developed, which evidenced all signs of becoming very serious. I immediately sought Christian Science help, and found temporary relief through the work of faithful practitioners. Many wonderful lessons had to be learned, however, before permanent healing was realized. The unfolding of the truth, during these waiting years, has brought a vision and spiritual understanding unspeakably precious, and revealed the image within, which transforms all human experience.

Testimony of Healing
My advent into Christian Science dates from attending...
July 29, 1922

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