Although some statements adverse to Christian Science...

Church Family Newspaper

Although some statements adverse to Christian Science were made in the article above mentioned, the following favorable excerpt is quoted, as of interest to Christian Scientists.

"The New Testament itself teaches that the transcendental world is already all that heart could desire, all that the aspiring human soul has even sought of goodness, beauty, and love; and our Lord taught us to pray that God's kingdom might come and His will be done here as there. Christian Science has laid firm hold of this conception, and in justice to its exponents we must admit that they are unflagging and earnest in their application of it to the ills of life. When they see any evil at work they promptly turn to the thought of the eternal and affirm the opposite good as already fully existing therein. They deny the reality of the one experience in declaring the reality of the other—the word 'reality' being used in the sense of permanent or imperishable, a quite legitimate meaning to give it. It is not entirely true to say, as is usually said, that their method of meeting disease is to say that there is nothing the matter with the sufferer. They admit, like everybody else, that the disease is real enough to mortal apprehension, but that in God's perfect spiritual universe, without which even our present limited existence could not be, there is no disease because life therein is all-abundant, flawless, and harmonious. They believe that to see this clearly and hold it before the mental vision does away with the ills of the flesh.... I only wish, however, that professing Christians were always and everywhere as earnest and consistent in the practice of their faith, in 'doing the truth,' as Christian Scientists are. They have taught people to live in terms of the apostolic exhortation to 'rejoice in the Lord alway' and to look to God as 'a very present help, in every need that can possibly arise and every duty that has to be done."

July 29, 1922

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