"Sound in sentiment"

In Article XXVI, Section 2, of our Church Manual we read that Christian Scientists are expected to prove "sound in sentiment." A modern dictionary gives a definition of the word "sound" as, "Founded on truth or right," and of the word "sentiment" as, "A thought prompted by passion or feeling." Viewed in this light, it is recognized that when one is stirred by deep feeling one's sentiments usually are brought out. And how necessary it is that we should at such a time be governed by right thinking!

It is easy, we believe, to think right when everything goes along smoothly; but, maybe, in an hour when we least expect it, we find that we have stumbled. It is this stumbling that we must overcome, in order to demonstrate Christian Science more completely in our lives. We seem sometimes to stumble over the same thing again and again; but if we are sincere in our efforts, we shall stop, analyze the situation, dismiss self-pity and all excuses, and seek for the cause of this stumbling, in the same way as an accountant seeks for an erroneous entry that prevents his securing his trail balance.

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