[Translated from the German]

"Come near unto me"

Elijah's summons to the Israelites, "Come near unto me," as given in the eighteenth chapter of I Kings, has a deep significance for Christian Scientists; and we all would do well, in our pilgrimage out of the darkness of materiality into the light of spirituality, to pay more heed to the admonition. The request to "come near" was made to all the people on the occasion of Elijah's prayer, which was based on so firm a trust in God that it brought forth an answer and the required help, in contradistinction to the ineffective ceremonies and cries for aid on the part of the Baal followers, as recorded in this chapter.

That this coming near could not have consisted merely of a stepping closer in a physical way must be clear to all. There must, also, have been a spiritual meaning contained in the invitation to all the people to draw nigh,— a loving, although energetic, admonition to those present to give up their uncertain, false position and, like the prophet, place themselves on God's side. The Israelites of that time who were obedient to Elijah's call were privileged to witness the prophet's remarkable demonstration, which was a demonstration of God's omnipotence.

Man's True Dominion
October 28, 1922

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