The Inspiration of Sacrifice

It is the hour of sacrifice. Men and nations are being pledged to unstined devotion and self-forgetfulness, pledged to give all that they love and all that they have, humanly speaking, to redeem the world from the domination of evil. What is the substance of this devotion? What is the inspiration of this intense sacrifice of material things, this giving up of the freedom to follow individual aims and pursuits, this offering of the human sense of life, if need be, that the world may be brought to a truer understanding of life and liberty?

The day of the superficial analysis of the world struggle has long since passed. Nation after nation has been drawn into the conflict whether it would or not, and individuals, one by one, have been compelled to consider and perhaps revise their heart's allegiance. Out of hesitating and fluctuating opinions the conviction gradually emerged that the issue was joined between democratic and autocratic ideals of government. But what of the origin of those ideals? A clearer distinction is being made between spirituality and materiality, between the creative divine Mind with its spiritual phenomena and the false carnal mind with its sense phenomena; and men are everywhere being driven to a deeper analysis of the world struggle.

September 7, 1918

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