A very common word is expectation, but it has a significance which should contribute to the understanding that Christian Scientists may have of their privileges and the rewards of their well doing, also of the duties which are antecedent to these desirable attainments. Expectation, according to one dictionary, is "the act of expecting or confidently looking for something." The word, then, has a peculiarly fitting application to all of the varied activities of the Christian Science worker.

Christian Science, though it can be applied to every need and condition of mankind, admits of no variation in the rules for the application of its truths. Thus it is similar to the science of mathematics, being founded upon certain fixed and unchanging laws, which are the same to-day as in the beginning, and always will be the same. It is not conceivable that the sum of two and two, which is four, should ever have been five, or that at some future time it may be something else; therefore, given the premise that underlying rules are being implicitly obeyed, it is just as reasonable for the Christian Scientist to expect positive results from his work as it is for the mathematician to look for an exact solution of his problem.

"Giving and hearing"
September 7, 1918

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