Christian Scientists do not publicly attack the religious...

Kalamazoo (Mich.) Gazette

Christian Scientists do not publicly attack the religious convictions of others, believing that Gamaliel's advice to the men of Israel in its original purity of expression is as good counsel now as at the time it was uttered. The correspondent who in a recent issue paraphrased Christian Science in his labored attempt to belittle another's belief, succeeded in showing only how far he lags in the rear of the advancing thought of even the natural scientists regarding matter.

Ascribing to God the creation of matter makes Him responsible for all the sin, sickness, discord, and woe which seem to exist in the world, a concept of Deity completely at variance with the Bible and consequently wholly untrue. Christian Science teaching is based on the Scriptural concept of an infinitely good God, incapable of causing evil or of permitting its existence. The wonder should be not that people accept this teaching but that anyone who intelligently reads or studies the Bible, or who will do a little independent thinking along religious lines, can do anything else, since upon this absolute truth are predicated the many manifestations of God's power given in the Old Testament and the greater demonstrations of Christ Jesus recorded in the New.

Funds of The Mother Church
September 7, 1918

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