In the article, "Hospital Experiences," in which the...

Little Falls (N. Y.) Journal and Courier

In the article, "Hospital Experiences," in which the writer tells of his trials and triumphs in a western hospital, reference is made to Christian Science in a manner which needs correction. His expression of joy that a friend of his, a Christian Scientist who had broken her arm, "had common sense enough" to go to the hospital for treatment, naturally leads one to believe him doubtful of either God's willingness or His ability to heal broken arms or "hernia," to which he makes reference. A little farther along in the article, however, the reverend doctor takes a somewhat different tack. He says: "I like to think of God in nature, back of nature, our God, over all, in all, and through all. He is the Healer. He heals by law. The strange remedial power in nature is our only dependence for a cure. 'Bless the Lord ... who healeth all thy diseases.'" And yet he goes to the hospital!

The Christian Scientist learns to trust God in proportion to his understanding of Him and His spiritual creation; and just in the degree of his understanding will he realize that the only healing agency is God. Mrs. Eddy says in Science and Health (p. 243), "The divine Love, which made harmless the poisonous viper, which delivered men from the boiling oil, from the fiery furnace, from the jaws of the lion, can heal the sick in every age and triumph over sin anddeath." Now the Christian Scientist has learned to trust God fully, and he does not need the ministrations of either the surgeon or the doctor. That is to say, he has come to have full reliance on the beneficent power of infinite Love to meet his every need; and so relying, he is healed.

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