Seventeen years ago, while living in my native state, Maine,...

Seventeen years ago, while living in my native state, Maine, I became ill with anemia and extreme nervousness, which medicine did not seem to relieve even in the slightest degree. After several months of this condition a friend called my attention to the healing power of Christian Science, and under the influence of his great faith I went with him to the home of a practitioner. The change that came to me was nothing short of marvelous. In less than twenty-four hours all desire for tobacco left me, although it had been used for many years, and my general health improved so rapidly that it caused frequent comment and wonderment in my family. In a few weeks my weight increased and I was physically well.

At the same time there was experienced a great uplift morally and spiritually, although I did not at all understand what was the influence that had wrought such radical changes. I procured the text-book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, and tried to understand its teaching; but it was practically a sealed book to me, and after a short time I made no more effort, thinking I had no need for Christian Science anyway, as I was perfectly well, and no doubt by following the generally accepted laws of health would remain so. Alas for the day that I listened to the voice of the tempter! My health continued good for several years, but gradually I drifted back to the old ways, even learning to smoke again, and ill health returned.

Testimony of Healing
My healing in Christian Science occurred nine years ago
October 28, 1916

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