In grateful appreciation of the truth that has been the...

In grateful appreciation of the truth that has been the only physician for myself and my family of six children for over twelve years, I desire to offer the following testimony. A few years ago my twelve year old son, while away with some friends, met with a serious accident, striking with such force against a tree trunk, when in an improvised swing ten feet above the ground, that he was stunned and fell, the chin and mouth sustaining the injury. He had no recollection of the fall until after being taken to the hospital tent. When he learned that a doctor was expected momentarily, he begged his sister to have him taken home, so a neighbor and boy friend brought him home. The hospital nurse had cleansed the wound, applied a strip of adhesive plaster extending from one cheek to the other, and supplied a roll of cotton to support the under lip, but she insisted that we must have a physician take several stitches to close the wound, as the under lip was cut across and laid open the entire width of the front teeth. The teeth had also made two incisions entirely through, and the roof of the mouth was badly bruised. She expressed her opinion that without doubt the boy would be disfigured for life. The fear of this pronouncement was so great that the lad said to me, "O mother, I had better have been killed."

The certainty of the all-power and ever-presence of divine Love in time of need so filled my consciousness that there was no fear and no hesitation or doubt. The lad partook of a glass of milk and rested well all night. The next morning being Sunday I asked if I should teach my class in Sunday school or stay with him, and as he said he would be all right, I went. On my return there was a slight manifestation of fever and pain, but it was overcome instantly, and this was the only instance of suffering. There was no inflammation, no discoloration or swelling, and there is no disfigurement, as the lips joined perfectly. He did not lose a meal. There was no question or doubt on the part of the boy, but an unquestioning trust, obedience, and cooperation. Tuesday evening he went to a meeting.

Testimony of Healing
Through the reading of a testimony in a copy of the...
October 28, 1916

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