The fact that Christian Science is becoming known and...

Musical Courier

The fact that Christian Science is becoming known and accepted by intelligent persons, while it is still the object of disrespectful allusions by others who are not so well informed, was illustrated in a recent number of the Musical Courier. On two of its pages were portraits of well-known singers who are Christian Scientists, while on another page a contributor referred to "Christian Science or other cults and isms now running riot in our land."

A cult or an ism, when spoken of in this manner, is merely something which the speaker does not approve. To him the devotion of other people has become an offense, and he seizes an opportunity to publish his disapproval of it. Thus, the Christianity of the first century and the Reformation of the sixteenth were the cults and isms of those times; that is, to persons who vaguely disliked them.

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