Words are inadequate fully to express the joy that one...

Words are inadequate fully to express the joy that one feels for the hope and promise which Christian Science gives, and which never fails. Through the correct understanding of the Principle of Christian Science I have been healed physically, mentally, and morally, and have also been blessed in many other ways. It seems to me, however, that the greatest blessing is the spiritual uplift, which has resulted in an increased understanding of what life really is. This has awakened in me a higher regard for my fellow men; has taught me to be more thoughtful and considerate toward my neighbor; and, last but not least, has revealed the possibility of loving my enemies, a thing which I had thought was positively ridiculous, and that one who professed to do so was manifesting the worst form of weakness.

When attacked by sprains, poisonings, headaches, colds, burns, and the like, I have found that Christian Science treatments have never failed to heal. Other discordant conditions, which neither medicine nor any other supposed healing agency has ever been able to touch, are gradually disappearing. Some of these are impatience, anger, fear, anxiety, discontent, and the habit of criticizing, in which discouragement played no small part. In the place of these is coming a clearer sense of confidence, freedom, patience, kindness, fearlessness, and gratitude, together with a steadily increasing desire for the things of Spirit.

Testimony of Healing
Six years ago I was in a wretched physical condition,...
October 28, 1916

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