Christian Scientists have no objections to intelligent discussion...

Lamar (Col.) News

Christian Scientists have no objections to intelligent discussion of Christian Science. They rightly object, however, when its teachings are misrepresented and made the subject of ridicule or malice. The teachings of Christian Science are now well known. The writings of Mrs. Eddy and the periodicals of the church are in practically every public library, so that the plea of ignorance for misrepresentation cannot be made.

If this evangelist thinks he can advance the sects he represents by misrepresenting the teachings of other denominations, he sadly mistakes the nature of Christianity. Such methods bear within themselves the seeds of their own destruction and finally react upon the persons guilty of them. "All they that take the sword shall perish with the sword," said Jesus. Invective and innuendo overreach themselves and fail to stop the onward march of truth. These weapons have not only failed to destroy the progress of Christian Science, but have on the contrary led many to investigate its teachings, and, as a result, to receive the benefits of health, happiness, and spiritual peace which accrue from its study.

October 28, 1916

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