The writer in the column entitled "What the Doctor...

Blackburn (England) Times

The writer in the column entitled "What the Doctor Says" associated Christian Science with faith-healing and mental healing, and described all these as variations of what he calls "the same fundamental principle . . . the influence of the mind, in physical matters, on the bodily functions." Will you kindly permit me to say, with all respect, that this is a mistake; but as it is a mistake which is easily fallen into by those who are not thoroughly acquainted with Christian Science, and as the subject is one of growing interest and importance, I shall be grateful for the opportunity of explaining the difference.

Speaking generally, mankind as a whole has yet to learn the baneful effects of the operations of what is described as the carnal or mortal mind. Now Christian Scientists well understand these operations, and persistently deny and reject them; and as they are more successful in their healing activities than the varying schools of mental healers, let it be conceded that they understand best the Principle and method of their work. And what are these?

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