First and last the world has a good deal to say about authorship. That the use of the word author is not confined to one who has written a book, is made clear if we study some of the dictionary definitions of the term; for instance, "The beginner or first mover of anything; hence the efficient cause of a thing; an originator." This is of course very comprehensive, and rightly so, and in Christian Science thought is at once lifted to the divine Author of man's being, the first and only cause of all that is real. Apart from Christian Science, however, we sometimes hear a mortal spoken of as the author of another's existence, but students of Christian Science learn to be very discriminating in dealing with such vital questions, and so they fully accept the statements of their text-book to the effect that God is the only cause and creator, or to use the apostle's words, "the beginning and the end, the first and the last."

There are of course a great many who are ready to admit that God is the author of all created things, but to them this means that He is directly or indirectly responsible for sin, disease, and death, hence their author, although the Bible tells us that all which God created is like Himself, good. On one occasion two young students of Christian Science were talking in the presence of an elderly lady respecting a case of healing which was being brought out under this treatment. This lady, who knew about the case, asked some questions, and as the ailment had been diagnosed by physicians as an incurable disease, she ventured to say that she thought it was wrong for any one to attempt to heal such an awful illness, as she was sure no one could do this except the one who had caused it.

Among the Churches
October 28, 1916

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