Mrs. Eddy was the founder of the church to which she...

Los Angeles (Cal.) Journal

Mrs. Eddy was the founder of the church to which she left the bulk of her fortune, and nothing less was reasonably to be expected than that she would bequeath her fortune to this splendid organization which in its teachings has proven itself to be a true apostle of the Christ. It was in the work of founding the church and establishing it on a firm and lasting basis that her wonderful powers as an interpreter and teacher of the Scriptures became known to the world. Through the reputation thus earned and merited, she became enabled to accumulate, in the sale of her writings, the principal portion of her fortune. Her heart and mind were in complete sympathy with the gigantic project, the immense labor necessary to the realization of the successful issue of which she devoutly and gladly took upon herself as her lifework. Therefore all who understood the great depth of her spiritual nature, and all who appreciated the sincerity of her motives and believed that she labored in the cause of man's true amelioration, were confirmed in their respect for and in their faith in her by the fact of her bequest to the church, and all such will be glad to learn of the court's decision sustaining her will.

It is, distinctively, a world-gain that the large fortune donated by her to the Christian Science church should be allowed to go as she purposed it should go. Stripping the judgment of all prejudice in estimating the value of her services to humanity, leaves the conviction clear and compelling that the world has profited in no small measure in the work and in the example of her pure and exalted life. As time goes on, the immense value to humanity of her efforts in the direction of elevating the religious sentiment of the age up to the plane of highly advanced intellectuality, will be better and better understood and appreciated; and in the universal spread and the general acceptance of her teachings will in the end be perceived the complete vindication of her unselfish, unyielding, and intelligent devotion to the cause of the true Christ. After all, her faith is, and the faith she strove to inculcate is, in effect, nothing more than the taking of Jesus at his word.

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