From my own experience I have found that Christian Science...

From my own experience I have found that Christian Science is practical because it teaches obedience to a divine Principle, whose law does not change with conditions and which does not yield to or conform with common custom or cherished desire. Through a continued effort to live in obedience to this divine Principle my thought is being purified, my desires are finding satisfaction in more spiritual things, and there is being made manifest to me an increasing capacity for both mental and physical activity, all of which is great cause for gratitude.

Having been raised in a state which had adopted prohibition laws, until I was seventeen years of age I had not seen a saloon and little knew what an awful impediment to progress is manifested through the use of intoxicating drinks. A few years later I decided that I would like to travel, and very unwisely kept pleading with my parents until they consented to my looking for employment in another state, where I fancied I would like to be. I was in my second year at college and my eyes caused me a great deal of trouble, and this served as a good excuse for my making the above mentioned change. I had been in this strange city but a few days when I became associated with men who had lived a very sensual life for many years, and they took pleasure in showing me something of the ways of the world heretofore unknown to me. I became intoxicated, and the awful sense of sickness, despair, and separation from good, which accompanied this experience, was such that I prefer not to dwell on it. Nevertheless, this was only the beginning of a few years of sensual living which I then thought necessary in order to be "friendly" with my associates. Smoking was considered one of the essential accomplishments, and when I had learned to chew tobacco without sickly results I began to feel somewhat proud of the various habits formed. All this influence, however, had come from outside environment, for liquor was never used in our home and my father is not a user of tobacco or liquor in any form.

Testimony of Healing
I am glad to certify with gratitude to the understanding...
June 29, 1912

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