[Translated from the German.]

When I first heard of Christian Science, about a year and...

When I first heard of Christian Science, about a year and a half ago, I was still laboring under the effects of a fever. At times pain would leave me neither day nor night, and medical prescriptions brought only temporary relief. I was sometimes in utter despair, as I had to contend with all manner of ills for years, and did not know what it meant to be in good health. On a bright winter morning a lady with whom I was acquainted sent some Christian Science literature to my home, after the reading of which I felt that as the sun illuminated my room so a ray of God's love and goodness had shone into my soul. But the light grew dim,—doubt and fear again tried to assert their seeming power, and several weeks went by before I fully apprehended the fact that God is all-inclusive good, and that evil is unreal. In March I again had an attack of illness, and I was greatly worried as to how I would be able to attend to the work connected with a change of residence which was impending. I applied to a Christian Science practitioner for treatment, which was given, with the result that on the second day I was able to get up. My strength returned, and the work attending the removal brought no discomfort. During the course of the year diseased conditions manifested themselves several times, but they were always overcome with a few treatments.

I have come to see more and more that above all, the sense of fear and anxiety must be successfully handled, and that we must constantly try to realize the omnipresence of God, good. What fills me with still greater joy is that I have found the true religion which I had been seeking after for years. The various religious systems brought confusion to my thought, but I could not help thinking that if somebody could only give me the proof of a religion, I would believe. In Christian Science I have found all I have longed for, and feel that I cannot be too grateful to Mrs. Eddy for having shown us the way to God and walked on before us in humility and in a self-sacrificing spirit.

Testimony of Healing
From my own experience I have found that Christian Science...
June 29, 1912

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