Some years ago I believed that Christian Science was all...

Some years ago I believed that Christian Science was all a mistake and I would have nothing to do with it, having been prejudiced against it by the teachings of the church to which I then belonged. I was as devout a Christian as I knew how to be, and interested in the uplift of mankind to the extent that I hoped to be a missionary. In the mean time I was doing home work along that line, but became broken down in health and prayed earnestly that I might be healed, as I was suffering from sleeplessness, nervous exhaustion, and bowel trouble in an aggravated form. Finally I had to give up all work, after consulting a well-known physician, who said that not an organ in my body was working right and I needed change and rest as well as medicine. I went to stop with some friends who were Christian Scientists, because the peace and quiet of their home attracted me, but after following the doctor's instructions most faithfully I was not improving and could not sleep. My friends asked why I did not try Christian Science treatment, as a practitioner was to call there that evening. When I consented, my position seemed to me ridiculous, as I had no faith at all in Christian Science; but after the first treatment I slept all night like a child, and told it with joy in the moring. I then reasoned that if Christian Science could help me in one respect it could help in all, and after taking treatment for three months I was gradually transformed into a new being. The bowel trouble was healed and I was slowly but steadily gaining, mentally and spiritually.

I have continued my course with joy ever since the first treatment in Christian Science, over six years ago. The truth has been all-sufficient to meet every need, and my disposition and view-point have been so changed for good that others in the family have looked to Christian Science for help and have found it. We continue to find daily the correct view of the truth; and what joy it is to prove that God is so near, so good that there is nothing we need fear! We love Mrs. Eddy for the purified understanding which enabled her to find the key of scientific certainty which unlocks the treasure store of our Father's house. Christian Science not only leads us to the source of perfect health, but also brings happiness, peace, and plenty, with love to God and all mankind, which grows more luminous, unto the perfect day.

Testimony of Healing
Have you ever seen the good in some one, and his ability...
June 29, 1912

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