For about seven years I had serious and painful stomach...

For about seven years I had serious and painful stomach trouble, which many physicians diagnosed as intestinal disease. A little over four years ago I was operated upon in one of the hospitals in New York and had temporary relief, but all the old troubles seemed to come back, even worse than before, about a year after this operation. Everything that I ate seemed to ferment; at night I was a great sufferer and had little natural sleep for some two years.

In December, 1909, my health gave way completely, and some physicians diagnosed the case as nervous collapse. I had about ten different physicians at different times, and they all did their best for me, but they could not get me on my feet again. After being absent from my business for six months, being physically unable to attend to anything during that time, and obliged to leave my business to the care of others, I despaired of ever getting back to it again. At this stage my wife, my mother, and my father-in-law all requested me to try Christian Science as a last hope, stating that they had heard of many marvelous cures through it. I did not take their advice, however, but six or eight weeks after this conversation with them I met a lady who told me of a case similar to mine, which she knews was healed through Christian Science, so I decided to try it, though I had no faith in it at the time. On the fifth of July, 1910, I called upon a practitioner, with the hope of being helped for the nervous trouble. I was scarcely able to walk more than a block without becoming greatly fatigued. The practitioner treated me, and told me to go back from his office to my store and attend to business and come to him the next day. This I did, and noticed a decided improvement in my condition. I kept going to the practitioner daily for about two weeks, and for the next two weeks on alternate days, after which time I was so well that I could stay in my store the entire day and attend to business. I was entirely healed of all my ailments; the stomach trouble, of which I never expected to get cured, also left me. Whereas, formerly, I could not eat the least thing without distress, I am now able to eat what is set before me without any ill effects whatever. This was very wonderful to me, and I have since become an earnest student of Christian Science, and I find that it is beneficial in every way, and especially in business matters.

June 29, 1912

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