In an article entitled "Decrease of Medical Students...

British Medical Journal,

In an article entitled "Decrease of Medical Students in America" you go out of your way, after the manner which is becoming almost inevitable in the press today, to attack Christian Science, and, if you will forgive my saying so, you lose sight of your logic in the effort. You put down the decline in the number of medical students to some various causes, among others to Christian Science, and then conclude with the deduction that the decline may be taken as a proof of the success with which the medical profession is fulfilling its aim. Now, as a mere matter of argument, if the decline is owing to the success of the medical profession, how can it possibly be owing to the competition of Christian Scientists? Furthermore, why, because you differ entirely from the methods of Christian Science, should it be necessary to speak of Christian Scientists as the personification of childish credulity, encouraging people to go to the devil? The best way to meet childish credulity is to ignore it, and when people are sure that their neighbors are childishly credulous they find it easy enough to ignore their claims. The persistent attacks which are made on Christian Scientists all over the world, and which seem to grow in intensity rather than anything else, are possibly the strongest proof that their opponents are perfectly conscious that Christian Science is not childish credulity, but is a great movement to be reckoned with.

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