Mere talk and argument have a very small part to play...

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Mere talk and argument have a very small part to play in Christian Science. Is any one ever convinced by an argument against his own opinion, or won to a great truth by words? The churches have been trying to do this for centuries, trying to argue people into the kingdom of heaven and to prove that their own particular road is the only one. Now Christian Scientists have given that up, and are seeking to replace it with the method which the Founder of Christianity adopted to convince the world of the truth of his message, and which he so plainly insisted that his followers should also adopt. In other words, it is the duty of a student of Christian Science to let his works rather than his words speak for him and for his religion, and to let the world see that primitive Christianity, the Christianity which was continually being proved to be an actual protecting and saving power, is today ready at hand and to be availed of every whit as much as it was in the first few centuries.

Our critic accuses Christian Science both of attacking Christian principles and of insulting the medical profession. It would be quite impossible to substantiate such charges. Because Christian Science presents an interpretation of the Bible which differs from the various conflicting interpreatations enjoying currency today, shall it on that account be held to be attacking those interpreatations? Perhaps it is a little difficult for a faith without works to avoid a feeling of being stirred out of a more or less comfortable repose, and to resent this as an attack upon it, when it is face to face with a faith which insists that Jesus' last words on earth, reminding his disciples of the signs that should follow them that believe, are to be heeded today, and that a faith is dead which cannot be demonstrated by works. It is no good for such a faith to argue that those words were spoken to a select few at a select period, because Jesus also said that though heaven and earth might pass away his words would never pass away. So far from insulting the medical profession, Christian Scientists have nothing but respect for those who are laboring conscientiously for the good of mankind. That they do not agree with their methods by no means implies that they do not approve of their motives.

Recently the British Medical Journal asked all doctors to remember how great an evil fear is. When it is borne in mind that the race is being taught by medical science that it ought to be frightened of pretty nearly everything, and particularly of the all-powerful microbe, it is easy to see that medical science is in something of a quandary. One of the most universal experiences among those who have undertaken the study of Christian Science is the overcoming of fear by some measure of understanding of the omnipotence of divine Love, and until a more scientific way of destroying fear, and the disease and misery born of it, is forthcoming, it might be as well for those in the quandary I have referred to, to consider this offered remedy.

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July 29, 1911

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