I wish to tell how I came to Christian Science, but words...

I wish to tell how I came to Christian Science, but words cannot express my gratitude. My health had been failing for over a year, and our regular physician advised a change in climate, or perhaps an operation; but I kept at my duties until May, 1908, when I became much worse. I suffered indescribably for several hours, until the pain was overcome with an opiate. The next day the doctor diagnosed the case as appendicitis with serious complications. I had been unable to retain food for nearly two months, and several times had alarming experiences. The doctor insisted upon removing me to the hospital immediately, but I refused to go or to be operated upon. He came every day for two weeks and did all in his power to relieve my sufferings, but at last he gave up the case and told my husband that unless I was operated upon I could not live. We then tried another kind of treatment, and I was helped a little at first, but soon grew worse again. I was told not to try to eat even one spoonful of food, because I was vomiting almost constantly, and my fever was very high for weeks. After about sixteen days I was advised to get a surgeon, to save my life if possible. We then summoned the best surgeon in the city. He demanded an operation that very day; but this I refused to submit to, although he did his best to show me that it was "the only means of life." I was in a pitiful condition; could not even turn myself in bed, and had been in one position for seven weeks. According to the doctors I had tuberculosis of the bowels, appendicitis, etc., and the outlet of my stomach was said to be closed. I was terribly reduced and so weak that I felt unless something higher than human aid came, I soon must die.

A friend had been pleading for us to try Christian Science, and as a last resort my husband telephoned for a Christian Science practitioner. When she came I was too weak to talk, but she sat near the bed a few minutes and seemed to be thinking. Before she came into my room I could not have told where the pain was the worst, but in a few minutes, and for the first time in nine weeks, there was "no more pain." It had passed away so quietly that I did not know when it ceased. In half an hour when she asked me how I felt I could not tell, I was so astonished and happy and hungry. When she told me I could have something to eat, no wonder I doubted, as I had not tasted food for thirty-two days; but she was so sure it was all right, that I thought I would try. My family held their breath while I ate heartily, but there was absolutely no distress. Then I slept for over an hour and awoke hungry again. The third day I got up and walked alone the length of the house, the twelfth day I went down stairs alone, and in three weeks I walked three blocks. I gained thirty-five pounds in seven weeks and felt better than I had for years. Before my illness I ahd worn glasses to read, but I have not had them on since the first day of treatment. I was totally deaf in one ear, but my hearing is now perfect. I had been troubled since ten years old with a chronic throat difficulty, but I have not felt the least soreness since coming into Science. My daughters and my husband also have been cured of many ills.

The physical healing was grand, but far more beautiful was mental healing and spiritual uplifting, and I feel that I never really lived before. Words cannot express my gratitude for the truth, but I try to show my love and gratitude in my daily living. I sincerely hope this testimony will help others to try the Truth-healing for themselves. I thank God for dear Mrs. Eddy, who has shown us how to reach again this light which lighteth "every man that cometh into the world."

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July 29, 1911

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