The belief in the power of witchcraft, and the belief...

New York (N. Y.) Herald

The belief in the power of witchcraft, and the belief in the power of malicious animal magnetism, is one and the same belief, and it has its basis solely in the conception of a power or force opposed to God. In this belief Christian Science has no part. Christian Scientists affirm, in the words of Scripture, that "the Lord our God is one Lord;" that He is the only creator: that He and all His creation is good. We affirm that God is omnipotent and omnipresent. Taking as a basis, therefore, the one and only creator, whose creation is good, who is all-power and all-presence, there is left neither space nor opportunity for the operation of evil; and this spiritual fact is now and forever operative in God's universe. Any other teaching is not Christian Science.

Observe two persons in a lone spot "when graveyards yawn." One believes in ghosts and is in a tremor of fear; the other, more intelligent, walks calmly on. It is evident to him that it is the belief in ghosts and the fear of their power that so terrify and distress his companion. Like him, the Christian Scientist, free from superstitious belief, is fearless when malicious animal magnetism is mentioned. That "evil is not power" (Science and Health, p. 192) is an axiom that the whole world would be benefited by adopting, and it is a watchword in Christian Science.

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