We claim neither authority nor ability to determine the...

Los Angels (Cal.) Daily Times

We claim neither authority nor ability to determine the controversy between the orthodox churches and Christian Science on the merits of the case. Our only interest is that of the general public. Looking at it from this point of view, it seems to us that the way in which a New York clergyman attacks Christian Science will not succeed. There are certain fundamentals involved in this controversy, and certain facts in the case which must not be overlooked. The fact is that a very large number of thoroughly intelligent persons have adopted the form of religion known, whether accurately or otherwise, under the name Christian Science, and from all outward appearances they are as sincere and earnest in their profession of faith as any other religious body in the country.

It appears to many lookers-on as if the success of Christian Science has depended very largely upon a few plain facts. In the first place, there are very few persons in this generation or in any former one entirely of sound health of body. Our ailments are many, various, and involve the whole race. A remedy for our ills is at all times the thing which occupies our thoughts. Anything that promises alleviation to our physical and mental sufferings will always command attention. Again, Christian Science, in promising relief from bodily suffering and mental woes, is dealing with the every-day life of the people, with the things in which they are most intimately interested.

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