An audience that completely filled First Church of Christ, Scientist, last evening [Feb. 1], listened to the lecture of Prof. Hermann S. Hering of Concord, N. H. He was introduced by Coles A. Raymond, assistant engineer at the Toledo plant of the American Bridge Company, this city, who spoke in part as follows:—

Each of us is in his own way a seeker after happiness. Some seek it in worldly possessions and the pleasures of the senses, and after attainment find themselves still unsatisfied and still seeking—groping about in darkness. But when we have found that which is the source of true happiness, nothing can keep expressing it. It is then a pleasure to testify to the peace and uplift that have come to us through even a slight understanding of Christian Science. During the past forty-three years it has been making itself felt more and more as a power for good, through the healing of many thousands in both body and mind. It has lifted many from the gutter and has made of them respected citizens. It has raised thousands from beds of sickness to the activities of life when death seemed the inevitable. It has brought multitudes into the kingdom of heaven on earth to which Christ Jesus came to direct us. Is it any wonder that we love the one who has brought it to us so clearly, our Leader, Mrs. Eddy, and that we want to tell others of what we have received and all may receive.—Toledo Times.

Testimony of Healing
It is a number of years since I got my first news of...
May 8, 1909

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