A Christian Science testimony meeting is for the purpose of making known to a suffering world that our redeemer still lives, and that today, as in the days of primitive Christianity, people are being healed of all manner of disease and reclaimed from all forms of sin. These meetings should, therefore, be a matter of deep concern to every Christian Scientist. Those who have tasted of the fruits of the Spirit should strive that no obstacle arise in these meetings which would in any way prove a stumbling-block to "the stranger that is within thy gates." There should attend every meeting a dignity that would mark it as a place whose atmosphere is spiritual. Its tone should be such as would say to every wave of sin and sorrow, "Peace, be still." The reading should be such selections as emphasize the healing power of Christ, Truth.

The testimonies should be simple and concise. A brief statement of one's condition at the time of turning to Christian Science, and the physical, moral, and spiritual benefit derived therefrom, will always suffice. (See Art. 8, Sec. 24 of Church Manual.) Testimonies should not be given that would be likely to cause visitors to go away in confusion or in a spirit of opposition to Christian Science. In order that this may be avoided, it is always well to be careful of the testimony given, as well as the manner of delivery. This does not mean the exclusion of any case of sickness or sin, or that the delivery should be polished. It does mean the exclusion of all testimonies that cannot be readily grasped by the inquirer, and the avoidance of all technical terms.

May 8, 1909

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