It is to be regretted that some members of the medical...

Irish Independent

It is to be regretted that some members of the medical profession should allow themselves to believe that any Christian system which aims at—and accomplishes—the lessening of disease in this country, is an enemy. The heroism of the doctor who unselfishly devotes himself to the alleviation of suffering is beyond praise. We cannot believe that the noble members of this profession do not welcome every right means of cure, whether in line with their preconceived ideas or not. All reasonable people will agree with their wish—expressed at the meeting of the Leinster branch of the British Medical Association last week—that there should be a proper supervision and regulation of drugs and patent medicines. Many of these are harmful and poisonous, according to their experience.

Christian Science does not use drugs, and is on quite a different plane. Christian Scientists have no wish to enter into competition with doctors, but their mission is so to live that they themselves, and those whose aim is in the same direction, cannot help being finer and healthier specimens of humanity. They take the words of their great Exemplar, Christ Jesus, quite literally, and believe it to be the duty and happiness of every Christian believe to "heal the sick" in the same way that he did. Christian Science shows that the healing of sickness and the destruction of all kinds of evil follow necessarily on the practice of his teaching. The first Christians were all healers, without using medicines or drugs of any sort. It was only when Christendom lost something of its earliest ideal, and tried to combine the old with the new, that Christians returned to the use of pagan

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