It has been my desire for a long time to express through...

It has been my desire for a long time to express through the Sentinel my gratitude for all that Christian Science has done for me, with the hope that it may encourage some one who reads these lines to seek God through the study of Christian Science, and find in divine Truth his all. When the subject of Christian Science was presented to me by a friend, six years ago, it found me sick in body and mind, arranging to go to a hospital for the third time. This friend, from Kansas City, Mo., was visiting here, and though the subject was new and strange to me, I was in that mental state where anything was preferable to what I knew I would experience in going to the hospital. I made arrangements to take absent treatments, a method which seemed unusual to me, but when the practitioner informed me it is God who does the healing and that God is everywhere present, I tried to rely on Him as my physician.

Those who have put their faith in medicines all of their lives, will know what it meant for me to give up every material remedy and to rely on a God who seemed to be very far away, but I am truly grateful that my first steps were kindly but firmly directed into the narrow way which leads to health, holiness, and happiness; to reliance on the God who is Father-Mother, Life, Truth, and Love. My progress was slow but sure in the nine weeks of treatment from the practitioner and the study of Science and Health by me. How sweet it was to be relieved from pain and to feel that peace which the world cannot give. I knew it was the truth that had made me free, and then I set to work to understand the Principle as revealed in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures." This book reveals to me more clearly each day that the spiritual interpretation of the Bible can be applied with certainty of success, according to our understanding of it, to every problem in life, but that only as we obey and live the truth it teaches can we claim its blessings.

Testimony of Healing
I want to give my testimony to the beautiful demonstration...
May 8, 1909

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