I must return thanks to God, divine Love, for His great...

I must return thanks to God, divine Love, for His great mercies to me in leading me from darkness to the light, and for uncovering the revelation through our noble Leader, Mrs. Eddy. All my life I had malarial trouble, the doctors said, and I often wondered how I could feel well enough to attend church, but I rarely missed a Sabbath. After coming to Washington, D. C., where my husband was a senator for seven years, I seemed to grow worse. Some copies of the Christian Science Sentinel were sent to me, but I threw them away, thinking it was some new fad. After going back to Louisiana I still continued to feel very miserable from severe rheumatic trouble, which caused me to lose my eyesight for seven years. I was not able to put my heel to the ground on account of pains from knee to foot. There was also some trouble with my heart. I sent for a doctor, and he said that there was something wrong, but he could not tell what it was. I was praying constantly, till I thought I would lose my mind, for more light, more of the Holy Spirit, and I could not understand why the world was so beautiful, and still so much poverty and sorrow.

Three years ago some more Sentinels were sent to me from Nashville, and this time God in His mercy led me to grasp the truth. I sent for a copy of Science and Health, and read on and on. My strength came back to me, and my eye trouble vanished "as a tale that is told." In a few months I was reading in the daytime, without my glasses, and I am now writing my thanks without them.

Testimony of Healing
With a deep sense of joy and gratitude to the Cause of...
May 8, 1909

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