I want to give my testimony to the beautiful demonstration...

I want to give my testimony to the beautiful demonstration that was made through Christian Science over a fall which I had about two years ago. I fell as I stepped from the porch on to the ice-covered stone walk, striking on my back and head. I seemed to be dazed for a few seconds, but soon realized the truth. I tried to get up, but could not, and a young man who had seen me fall came to help me up. He assisted me up the steps, when I thought I could go alone, but once inside, I dropped on the floor and began to throw up blood. A Scientist who was staying at my house came to me, and tried to help me get upstairs to my room, but I fell again on the landing. She then telephoned for a practitioner, and in a short time the practitioner came and began to treat me, but I did not seem to get any relief and asked them to send for my husband. I thought I was dying, for all aches and pains had left me and I was not conscious of my body. In a short time I felt better; my husband arrived and helped to place me on a cot, and I fell asleep. When I awoke the thought came to me that it was the evening of our lecture, and I spoke of it to the practitioner. She said there would be other lectures, but I still thought of it as she sat by the cot reading to me. She asked me to try to sit up in bed. I did so. then I lay down again; but soon I said to her, "I all right. I want to get up and dress, for I am going to the lecture tonight." The practitioner said that there was no reason why I should not go. I went, and sat through the lecture without an ache or pain, and never felt better in my life.

This healing is but one of the many blessings I have received through Christian Science, for which I am truly grateful to God, and to our Leader, Mrs. Eddy.

Testimony of Healing
It is with love and much gratitude to God, and to our...
May 8, 1909

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