It is a number of years since I got my first news of...

It is a number of years since I got my first news of Christian Science from a jest on the subject in a daily paper. As the doctor was a constant visitor to our home, my interest was roused to a hopeful wonder as to whether my child and husband might not be benefited, if all that was claimed for Christian Science were true. I seemed to feel that those scornful remarks covered a truth, and if so, they could be explained. And they were, by two gentlemen, both of whom have written ably on this subject. My debt of gratitude to these faithful watchmen is very large. We wrote to one of them to inquire for the whereabouts of literature, after trying at a bookseller's—to his evident amusement, in those early days (1900). Very soon after the arrival of the text-book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," I was healed in three treatments of a painful internal trouble; then my husband took treatment, and was so greatly benefited that we knew this was the truth of which Christ Jesus spoke. So we buried our medicine-chest in the garden, and resolved to "trust in Truth, and have no other trusts" (Sentinel, July 4, 1903). We have never regretted this step and no medicine of any kind has been in our home since, nor has a doctor ever visited us professionally in all that time.

On one occasion my little daughter was sent home with the news that a fever had broken out in the school and it was feared she had taken it, as she had all the symptoms except the rash. I knew even then that my duty as a Scientist was to call a doctor if this went on, but I decided to go to God first. So I put the child to bed, then went to my room to fight with my great fear, at the foot of God's throne, as it were; "alone with God," for we had lost three children and this was our only one. My cry for help was a silent one, but it speedily brought me absolute calm, and I did my first work to the best of my very small understanding in the "closet" of a mother's "earnest longings" (Science and Health, p. 15), asking divine Love to mold them aright. Half an hour later I stole to the child's bedside, and my heart danced with joy; for the flaming cheeks and hot skin were cool and moist, and she slept as one healed! There was no need to send for a doctor, and next morning she was quite well.

Testimony of Healing
Over a year ago, while crossing a bad place in a country...
May 8, 1909

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