In their efforts to benefit humanity Christian Scientists...

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In their efforts to benefit humanity Christian Scientists are impelled by very much the same motives that actuate their brethren of other religious denominations. It is true that Christian Science in its religious presentations differs on many points from those religious beliefs which are called "orthodox." It must also be recognized that each distinct religious teaching which has made its appearance during the history of Christianity was characterized by differences which its adherents considered fundamental. Every discovery of recent times which has aided in the progress of humanity is different from that which has heretofore been known and accepted. This difference does not, however, detract from its usefulness but in most instances constitutes the value of the discovery.

That which appears to the ordinary thinker as the greatest difference between Christian Science and other religious teachings is the fact that Christian Science teaches that healing the sick is as much a fundamental part of Christianity as is reforming the sinner. This position has occasioned most of the criticism directed against this movement, and yet if the Bible teaches anything of a positive nature it is that the "word of God" heals the sick, uplifts the fallen, reforms the sinner, and establishes perfect and harmonious conditions in every particular. Christian Science is, as its title indicates, the Science of Christianity. It is scientific because it is a demostrable teaching of Principle, because it is an "orderly arrangement of ascertained facts" concerning God, man, and the universe, and because it adequately explains the relationship between God and man. The text-book of Christian Science, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, has thrown that light upon the Scriptures which enables its students to demonstrate scientifically that "understanding is a wellspring of life unto him that hath it."

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