Since my own healing, three years ago, when I gained...

Since my own healing, three years ago, when I gained uplifted views of the world and of mankind, I have not had to ask help from a practitioner except on two occasions, one of which was at the birth of my son. The other occasion was when it seemed that evil would rob me of him. I mention this experience with rejoicing, for it was a demonstration of quick and positive healing. The babe was six months old when I brought him South last August from New York city, and because of teething many expressed their fear of change of climate and atmospheric conditions. In spite of my efforts to overcome this perturbed thought, one morning I awoke with alarm and dread, for the child seemed to be very ill, as if he were struggling hard for his life. My family were all overcome with fear, but my father sent a message to a Christian Science practitioner. I then hurriedly wrapped the baby in a blanket, and got to this dear friend as soon as I could. The child appeared to suffer all the way, but as soon as the practitioner took him in her arms he commenced to regain his normal state, and in a very few minutes he was healed.

No one but a mother can comprehend the thanksgiving in my heart for this healing,—the power of divine Love, as demonstrated in Christian Science. I feel more blessed every day, because I am one of the great number who have the enlightenment and are trying to pattern a life whose footsteps tread only that path made by the great Wayshower. God bless Mrs. Eddy, whose teachings have helped me to regain my health and revealed the creator as triune Principle—Life, Truth, and Love.

Testimony of Healing
It is with a heart full of thankfulness to God for the...
November 13, 1909

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