ABOVE all the many contradictory opinions about physical, mental, moral, social, civil, political, religious, national, and international reform movements, there must be a best way; and it must be best for mankind to walk in this best way, which must necessarily transcend all other ways because it is based on truth, and all other ways must lack in some degree the faultlessness of truth. It has been called the straight and narrow way for the very reason that it is based on the straight and narrow line of truth. It is straight because it leads direct to God. It is narrow to mortal sense because it admits of no error in premise or conclusion; but to spiritual sense it is as broad as the universe, for truth is all there is, all there ever can be.

This best way has been the world's quest throughout the past ages, and yet to mortal sense there was never more unrest, uncertainty, dissatisfaction, and distress in every walk of life than there is today, and why? Why has mankind failed to attain to its high ideals? Because their quest has been carried out on the line of worldly wisdom— the traditions of the elders have led them astray like sheep. We have occasion to be thankful, however, that in our day there has been found one, pure, humble, and true enough to perceive this best way, unselfish and courageous enough to give it to the world. This way is open to all who will approach it with purity of motive, with honesty and humility, and to them its every step can be demonstrated. But how, it may be asked, is one to know that Christian Science is the best and only way? In reply it may be said that Christian Science does not ask the inquirer to place any impossible faith in its teachings, but only to make reasonable investigation into the subject, as he would in regard to any other that he was anxious to learn about. Christian Scientists know that if this is done with honesty and humility and without prejudice, all will find in Christian Science the pearl of great price.

November 13, 1909

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