It is with a feeling of deep gratitude to Mrs. Eddy for...

It is with a feeling of deep gratitude to Mrs. Eddy for having shown us that through an understanding of the blessed teachings of Christ Jesus all ailments of the body can be cured, that I wish to relate my own experience in the past five years. At that time my wife was taken down with rheumatic fever, from which she slowly recovered, but it left her with what physicians pronounced an organic heart trouble, for which they said there was no cure. Many times has she seemed to be at death's door, and only by powerful medicine could the heart be put in action; but the same thing had to be gone through again after a few months, or weeks, and in April, 1908, she was confined to her bed, with a physician attending her daily. Then dropsy set in, and a consultation of physicians was held. They told me that there was no hope of her living, that all that could be done to relieve her was to draw off the water.

At this time a friend let my wife take a copy of Science and Health, and after reading this, she urged me to get a practitioner to come and see her; which I did. The Scientist came on Tuesday, and was with her for one hour. The next day my wife was up and dressed and was at the table to dinner with me. Tuesday of the following week she went alone to visit the practitioner who had treated her, going sixteen miles and changing cars once. I will say that all medicine was thrown away and none has been in the house since. Five months later, my wife was taken with an attack of the rheumatic disease from which she had first suffered, but after ten days she again took the trip of sixteen miles. This last time she was treated by the same practitioner, and in citing this case I wish to say that while the attack was very severe, so that she could not move hands or feet, yet no symptoms of the old heart trouble appeared, thus proving that the organic affection had been cured.

Testimony of Healing
Whenever the question of Christian Science treatment...
November 13, 1909

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