But why bandy words in vain disputations? The literature...

Lowville (N. Y.) Republican

But why bandy words in vain disputations? The literature of the last two thousand years is replete with discussions, declarations, denials, and dicta concerning the meaning of the Scriptures, and this largely because men insist on reducing every declaration of the Bible to a material basis, and what has the sum total of it all amounted to? Has any definite good come to the human race from all the books upon these subjects?

Reducing to a practical basis for a practical age this gospel of life, Jesus said, "By their fruits ye shall know them," and he also said, "The works that I do shall he do also." These works are healing the sick, saving the sinner, and helping humanity, and Christian Scientists are willing to be judged by the fidelity with which they follow him in this gospel of "doing." That they are successful is shown by their growth, by the testimonies of thousands who have been raised from hopeless beds of pain, by those eased from the bonds of appetite, by those uplifted from thoughts and acts of sin; and in so far as they do these things, ought not all Christian to rejoice instead of revile?

Christian Science is the religion of Jesus
November 13, 1909

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