Christian Science does not claim to work miracles; on...

Edinburgh (Scot.) Despatch

Christian Science does not claim to work miracles; on the contrary, it teaches that no miracle ever has been performed. It maintains that our Lord's acts of healing were not miracles in the modern sense of the word, were not in contravention of the law of the universe, the law of God, but were in complete accord with this law. Before becoming Christian Scientists, many of us were earnest members of well-known churches, but the understanding we then possessed of the nature of God and God's law did not enable us to heal ourselves or any one else. Others of our number had never been able to accept the Bible teaching, or to find any help or comfort in religion. Thus people who started from the opposite poles of thought have been brought together by this scientific explanation of our Lord's words and works, and are learning how to keep themselves in health, and how to lift others out of the bondage of sin and suffering into some measure of the liberty of the sons of God.

No person who is at all well informed on current topics can pretend any longer that Christian Science does not heal. Christian Scientists have marked success in their practice, and those who come to them for help generally do so because other systems have failed to relieved them. If the drugs of which Dr. Paget speaks were as efficacious as his words imply, there would be little demand for Christian Science healing.

November 13, 1909

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