I feel it a duty which I owe to Christian Science to testify...

I feel it a duty which I owe to Christian Science to testify to my healing in the case of a kidney disease declared incurable by the best physicians. For about ten years I had been a great sufferer, and constantly called upon eminent doctors, some of them specialists in this country and a few from abroad. They attempted at various times to diagnose my case, and treated me, but I received only temporary help, never having been relieved for any length of time. My case was considered a puzzling one, as the different doctors were unable to state the origin of my ailment or to prescribe any medicine or remedy for my heal ing. After years of suffering, which was often endured in silence, my case was pronounced a kidney disease in its worst form, and I was given but a short time to live, being told my age was against me, and that no further relief could be assured.

At this time a lady called at my home, who proved to be a Christian Scientist. After meeting her and asking many questions, I decided to take treatment, thinking there might be some virtue in it, although I was not sure. I had tried everything that materia medica could offer, so I felt that this could not harm me. Those who know anything of the disease mentioned know what I endured, and when I can say that after but two weeks of Christian Science treatment I found myself well and happy, it seems surely like a return to the so-called miracles of Jesus' time. Thus we see that man's extremity is ever God's opportunity. The same doctor who had limited my life to a few weeks, also examined me thoroughly after my healing in Christian Science. He pronounced me well of this disease, and asked what had cured me, as he knew he could not. When told that Christian Science had healed me, he said, "Well, give it the glory." This was about four years ago, and I have never had any symptoms of that disease since.

Testimony of Healing
I have for some time felt that I should express my gratitude...
November 13, 1909

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