It should not be a cause for displeasure to any honest...

Truth Seeker

It should not be a cause for displeasure to any honest "truth seeker" that there is a truth which, properly understood, will and does make free—free from worry, anxiety, and fear; free from want, disease, and despair; free from lack and limitation; wholly and practically free. It should be cause for honest satisfaction to know that all which makes for destruction and death has its origin and activity in a false sense, an ignorance of the eternal laws, and that escape therefrom may be made through a corrected understanding of the truth which is God. Furthermore, it should be cause for satisfaction that a growing body of intelligent people believe that they are demonstrating the practical value of this truth, and that wholesome investigation of their works strongly indicates that their confidence is well grounded.

Christian Scientists are human. They do not claim to be errorless, and in their unceasing and conscientious endeavors to bring Christian Science to the understanding of mankind (the practical value of which labors have now a fitting testimonial in the countless thousands healed of all manner of evil), they seek only a correct presentation of the subject as stated in the work "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, wherein every honest investigator will find the highest Christian spirit both advocated and exemplified.

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