I accepted Christian Science, took a few weeks' treatment,...

I accepted Christian Science, took a few weeks' treatment, and after studying the Bible in connection with Science and Health, in one year I was back in business, and have been constantly growing stronger in the Lord, seeking to follow as a little child in the way shown us, and experiencing that blessed assurance of God's love and His watchful care with a sense of peace, harmony, and trust in Him that is very satisfying, and that I never knew before.

The first of the evils to go was the tobacco habit. I had not thought it possible for me to quit smoking, and had not intended to quit, but I was honest in my search for the healing power of Christ, and while I was being treated for another ailment, I was healed of this habit in accordance with God's will, not mine. The healing from tobacco converted me at once, as I realized that it was no human power that had done the work, and I did not doubt from that time on. The healing was comparatively slow, and what seemed to me the greatest affliction was the last to go, for which I am now very thankful, as I can see the wisdom of God's way. I am now a well man, having experienced in a very large measure the spiritual and physical healing that makes us whole. First in importance I count the spiritual uplifting, that has enabled me to begin the construction of a new habitation, to build this new house upon a rock and not on the sand as was the old; to possess a structure not made with hands, but eternal in the heavens.

October 30, 1909

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